Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cousin Tag ♥

Hii girls  today I'm going to be doing a Cousin Tag with my cousin offcourse!
I was looking around youtube and I  saw some Sister Tags ..
So I dicided to turn this into Cousin Tag and keep the same questions .
I have seen also some of the cousin Tags with same questions so I thought It would
be fun if I and my cousin did this too!

My cousins name is Almira , she is 15 years old
and I love her!


1. How and when did you meet?
Almira : We met when I was born :D .
Sandra :I was born on  Febuary 20th , and she was born on April 30th so I'm 2 months older then her.

2. What's your favorite memory together?
Almira : There are to many , my favorite would be when we build a maze out of
cassettes  for our hamster and we laid cheese all over the maze so the hamster would find the way out .
Sandra: hahah that was fun , mine was when we were one day home alone , we  were about 11 years
old and we took our little pool and placed it right in the middle of livingroom ..
I remember how we were puting water in that pool for like 2 hours  and then when we juped in that
tinny pool all watedr splashed out so our living room was flooded.

3. Describe each other in one word.
Almira : Silly
Sandra : Crazy

4. What's your dream job?
Almira : I really want to be a  Makeup artist when I grow up 
Sandra : I'm really into whole fashion designing and makeup so my dream job would be Fashion designer or Makeup artist

5. What's your favorite makeup brand?
Almira : Mine is Maxfactor I love their products 
Sandra : Maybelline ! I really like Maybelline mascaras and eyeshodows
all products are really nice !

6. What is something that annoys you about the other person?
Almira : Something that annoys me about Sandra is , whenewer she comes to my house she always needs to tuch everything ! 
Sandra: Something that drives me crazy about Almira is that everything needs to be exactly how she says
and she needs to be right about everything! 

7. If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be and why?
Almira : I would love to go to Los Angeles with her , so we could have fun together
Sandra : I agree .. I really want to go to Los Angeles too because we always have fun together.

8. Favorite inside joke?
Almira : hahah we kinda have that thing when we both say the same word at the same time
we do little hand motion thing above our heads!
Sandra : hahha that is the one .. It's like our anttena 

9. Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?
Almira : Me offcourse
Sandra : Deffenetly you ! I need like 20 minutes and you need a fortun to get ready !

10. Favorite season?
Almira : Summer , so you can go swimming and tanning
Sandra : I would say summer as well but I like winter too because you can wear
cozzy swetters and scarfs

11. Favorite song?
Almira : Bruno Mars - Grenade
Sandra : Adele - Someone like you

12. What is it like being cousins with someone who is obsessed with bloging .
 Almira : Annoying sometimes but I like to help her too.
Sandra :

13. Heels or flats ?
Almira :  Flats
Sandra : I wear flats all the time but I also like heels if your going somewhere
where you need to dress a little bit more !

14. Pants or dresses?
Almira : Pants
Sandra : Pants

15. Favorite animal?
Almira : Cheetah
Sandra : Panda

16. If your house was burning down, and your entire family was sure to be okay, what would you save and why?
Almira : My box of memories
Sandra : Family camera and box of memoris too.

17. Comedy, horror, or chick-flick?
Almira : Horror
Sandra : Horror

18. Blackberry or iPhone?
Almira : Blackberry, I have blackbarry
Sandra : Iphone !

19. Favorite movie?
Almira : Paranormal activity
Sandra : Wrong turn

20. What is something weird that you eat?
Almira : Nutella with Muster , Cheese , Eggs and bread .. Hihihi just kiding. Nothing actualy
Sandra : I eat sandwich with ketchup .. Is that weird

21. Do you guys have anything matching?
Almira : We have same UGGS , but no not many things!
Sandra : When we were younger our moms used to dress us up like twins so we had everything matching
but now we don't .

22. What's your favorite TV show?
Almira : Keeping up with Kardashians
Sandra : Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries

Thank you guys so much for reading , we both had so much fun answering this questions.
If you want you can also do this tag with your sister , cousin or best friend!
If you do it please leave the link in the comments I would love to read yours !

 Here are some pictures of us together when we were younger 

Almira & Sandra , my 4th birthday
Sandra & Almira , vacations
Almira & Sandra , vacations 
Sandra & Almira , my 3rd birthday 
 Sandra & Almira , my 6th birthday
Almira & Sandra , halloween 
 Almira & Sandra , family vacations 
Sandra & Almira , Silly and Crazy !

Lot's of love Sandra


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